Latest News and Recent Developments

Taylor Wimpey’s 92 Dwellings¬†Development

Taylor Wimpey’s amended application for a 92 house development on land to the south of Egerton-Rothesay School bordered by Shootersway and Coppins Close has been approved by Dacorum Borough Council.

Berkhamsted residents remain very concerned that not enough consideration has been given to the effect such a dense development of a high number of properties will have on the infrastructure of the town. In particular there is great concern about the impact that  the approximately 2oo cars from this development will have on traffic, particularly along Shootersway and Durrants Lane and the safety concerns for pedestrians walking along the one narrow pavement along Shootersway and trying to cross Kings Road at the junction with Kingshill Way..

There are also concerns about the lack of any plans to accommodate children from the development in local schools and the likelihood that all the children will have to travel by cars to Bridgewater and Victoria schools.

Other infrastructure concerns include water supply and sewage treatment and the impact of the cars from the new development on the already inadequate town centre car parks.

Grand Union Investment’s Application for Dwellings at Ashlyns Farm

GUI have applied for outline planning permission to redevelop Ashlyns Farm which lies within the Green Belt.

BRAG and SYBRA made a joint submission to Berkhamsted Town Council objecting to this application and at a recent meeting Berkhamsted Planning Committee resolved to object to the application. It is important to maintain the strict planning constraints covering this application because the land and agricultural buildings can not be considered as “previously developed land”.