SYBRA’s Aims

The broad aim of the Save Your Berkhamsted Residents Association (SYBRA) is to represent residents’ interest in development consultations, with a view to ensuring that character and “feel” of Berkhamsted, (a historic market town), and its surrounding countryside are preserved.

We recognize an ongoing need for new homes within Berkhamsted but believe that such development should be in line with existing housing density; of a type which preserves the town’s character and should take account of the infrastructure issues presented by Berkhamsted’s valley situation and its, already, significant growth over recent years.

{Based on the East of England Initiative proposals for housing , DBC’s Core Strategy sets a housing development target (1200 ) for Berkhamsted with apparently little consideration for the impact on Berkhamsted’s creaking infrastructure and well in excess of aticipated local need (750). The East of England Initiative has now been withdrawn, but DBC is still proposing the development of 1200 new dwellings.}

We believe that Berkhamsted is a wonderful place in which to live and would would like it to stay that way.

If you feel the same please join us, we would welcome your support!

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